You Save & Your Favorite

Nonprofit Also Benefits!


Save By Giving: Choose your favorite nonprofit to benefit. Simply claim a Digital Deal by donating only a part of your savings!


Free $5 Extra for First Time Use: In each business deal click Free $5 button.


Activities/Events: Search posts of all towns, schools, nonprofits, and businesses.

Huge Digital Deals!

Huge Digital Deals!

Everyone Benefits!

see list for each…

  • Residents
  • Non profits
  • Businesses
  • Municipality

Non profits Benefits

1 Easiest Fundraiser: You know trying to fundraise by asking your members to pay, for example $30 for a product that can be bought elsewhere for $15, is difficult. Now you can simply email your members and tell them they will still pay less than what local businesses normally charge, even after their donation!!!

2 Businesses & Residents Both Donate: Your nonprofit receives funds from both people who are buying discounted cash certificates, and local businesses that are bidding for ad position ranking in their business category in the savings directory.

3 Monthly Reports: At the end of the month your .xlsx report will show you detailed report as to who selected your nonprofit to benefit! If the public does not select a particular nonprofit, the Publisher will share those donation funds. At the end of the month, you can email members and thank the people that bought the most discounted cash certificates. This will politely serve as a notice to all your members that did not buy that you are aware of which members have designated your organization to benefit.

4 Promote Activities & Events at No Cost. We have a very high saturation level as we have already obtained 90% of every home and businesses opted-in email addresses. You’re provided a panel in which you can post announcements of your activities!

5 Increased Membership: Having your nonprofit listed with a contact person leads to more members!

Businesses Benefits

1 Business & Residents Saturation! We own the largest data business in the USA and have already collected 90% of the residents and businesses opted-in email data to promote the business directory. Most marketing services do not promote your business to the business market at all. Additionally, the municipal and nonprofit involvement in the program further saturates the market!

2 Enhanced Goodwill: Your participation is helping many local nonprofits raise funds, which we constant remind resident of. The number of good deals we ask for per month is nominal, but you’re receiving massive exposure! If we fall short of selling the limited number of deals, that’s our problem not yours! Your business had zero out of pocket costs, and no risk.

3 Free Promotion of Limited Number of Deals! Unlike other services we only ask your business to offer a very limited number of good deals to help local nonprofits.

4 No Time Commitment! Try it out for a month and if you’re not happy quit! Just honor any non-redeemed offers.

5 We Incentivize New Customers! We provide additional discounts out of our own compensation to try new businesses! You gain new customers!

6 Solo Featured Mobile Responsive Website! Of course, we know you’re never going to refer your existing customers to a directory with your competitors! So, we give you your own website address to direct your customers to! Customers can make your business a favorite and opt into your FREE SHORT NOTICE ALERT PROGRAM (SNAP) email list.

7 Restaurant Get Free Orders powered by Amazon! If you offer a deal, there’s no charge when we refer new orders to your business. Unlike other food order services your business can email customers to thank them for their business and provide a discount to buy again. When users are not redeeming a deal, your cost is only $2 for an order we refer. You have an option to use your own drivers or use a pool of additional drivers. Read, website for many more benefits.

8 Option: Free Merchant Services! We are a partner of Fiserv and negotiated a tremendous deal.(a) Zero Merchant service fees (b) Automatic acceptance! So there’s no need to provide months of merchant service statements or tax returns! (c) No Monthly statement fees, (d) Free terminal (e) National account teams for service! See...

Municipality Benefits

1 Protect Municipality from OPRA/FOIA/ Sunshine Disclosure Laws: As you know if the municipality emailed residents, it exposes the residents’ personal data to disclosure laws where you have to turn over all the residents email addresses. We are a Microsoft and AWS partner that has developed innovative email software solutions that insulate the municipality from being forced to disclose residents’ personal information. The municipal staff still has control of the content and emailing, but the data is insulated.

2 Enhance Saturation Levels: We have already collected over 90% of every home and businesses opted-in email addresses. Most municipalities who do email typically never even get to 10% of residents to join your list.

3 Amazon Alexa Emergency Broadcasts: We are an Amazon Alexa certified skills developer. Residents can be asked to download the FREE Amazon Alexa phone app. You can then broadcast messages directly to residents’ phones, at a rate of 1 million messages per second.

4 No Taxpayer Cost: You’re getting Microsoft & AWS services at no taxpayer cost! Ask your residents if they want the municipality to continue wasting taxpayer money on inferior services, when they can get superior services at no cost.

You Save & Your Favorite

Non-Profit Also Benefits!

Huge Discounted, Non-Expiring, Digital Deals!
Redeem when serviced, at Business or Online!
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Businesses give Great Deals because we cut their costs by many thousands; then we, nonprofits and municipality promote them absolutely free!

You claim a deal by paying just a small part of the discount to support your favorite local nonprofit!

You don’t pay business its deeply discounted price until you’re serviced! No expiration!

Grocery Specials!

See daily, weekly, monthly specials from local grocery stores:

Municipal Alerts!

We protect municipality from laws that force disclosure of resident’s emails addresses!

We protect residents email addresses & cell phone numbers from laws that force the municipality to surrender resident’s data! We substantially improve Municipal to Residents communications, and yet we can still do this while reducing Taxpayer costs!

Get the Free Alexa Phone App for Municipal Emergency Alerts, that enables the municipality to deliver a million messages per second.

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  • Huge Savings from Local Businesses!
  • Timely and Targeted Info and Events!
  • Your Time & Discount Filters Kill Junk Offers!
  • Offers on Phone! No Cutting Paper Coupons!
  • Save Favorites & Quickly Access their Offers!
  • Supports Your Favorite Organization!
  • We Help Municipality Protect Your Data!
  • Municipal Alerts via Alexa to your Phone!
  • Food Order Line Saves Time and Money!
  • Get Compensated to Refer New Registrations!